The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (DLC)

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Blood and Wine is the final expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – an award-winning role-playing game set in a vast fantasy open world.

Become professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia and explore Toussaint, a remote land untouched by war, where you will unravel the horrifying secret behind a beast terrorizing the kingdom. With all trails leading to dead ends, only a witcher can solve the mystery and survive the evil lurking in the night. Introducing an entirely new realm to traverse, new characters and monsters, Blood and Wine is a 20+ hour adventure full of dark deeds, unexpected twists, romance and deceit.

  • Explore an entirely new part of The Witcher’s vast open world – the land of wine, Toussaint
    • Embark on over 20 hours of new adventures and discover a land unlike anything you’ve seen in Wild Hunt or Hearts of Stone.
    • Visit new points of interest and set out on new side-quests in a realm rivalling No Man’s Land or Novigrad in size.
    • Kick back and relax in your very own vineyard, a real home away from home.
  • Hunt down an elusive beast terrorizing the kingdom
    • Unravel the mystery of the strange killings – investigate a series of brutal murders and decipher the pattern to predict who’s going to die next.
    • Discover the dirty secrets of Toussaint’s capital, Beauclair – explore the city by day, ask questions by night.
    • Use new gear, items, and combine them with your skill to slay monsters never before seen in the series.
  • Embark on your final quest in a world still brimming with things to do
    • Visit a world of fairytales gone wrong and battle surreal creatures you know from children’s tales and books.
    • Dye witcher armors in different colors thanks to an all-new game mechanic.
    • Take on knights in a grand tourney to show your true fighting skill, or set out to discover the gruesome mystery behind a spoon-collecting creature known as a wight.
    • Team up with powerful allies to take down the beast terrorizing the kingdom, or turn a blind eye to what’s going on and play Gwent with an all-new Skellige deck.

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English – Upcoming – TBA, English – Upcoming – 2016-05-31





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